Monday, March 19, 2012

Modif Honda Tiger 2004 Duck Tail

Gambar Modif Honda Tiger 2004 Duck Tail

Observing the trend of sport had ever link above fairing cover in July 2011 issue of 531 months and make a male figure Honda Andreas transform Tigernya more cool. Trend "Duck Tail" or "Short Tail" (internet) which is identical to the changing figure of the back seat and the tail is more narrow and short.

Modif Honda Tiger 2004 Duck Tail Spesifikasi Modifikasi:

SOK DPN: Custom, CAKRAM: Ride-It, KALIPER: Nissin, SWINGARM: Custom, MONOSOK: YSS, BAN: Maximaly 120/17&150/17, BODYWORK: Custom fiber, KNALPOT: ZOX, GAS: Bungbon, CAT: Steelgloss, MODIFIKATOR: Baronk Custom Jl. Raya Tajur Bogor 08567602406

Look behind the shorter tail is similar to the flow of radical street fighter. So ubahannya more simple and make the most of the stop lamp with one end of the seat behind him. Create a figure which now sport fairing on average to also perform a compact and sleek, contact Andreas Baronk Custom bodywork as a restorer.

Dent body made ​​of fiberglass with a compact corner. Increasingly adapts to his left and right side fairing, rear tail made ​​a short stop lighted with a single seat that is attached under the tail.

Sides of the legs are also adjusted more muscular. The tube is made increasingly large front tomorrow with the addition of gold-painted iron pipe, passing like a up side down. Follow-modified rear swing arm with cool model elastic bandage 150x17 tire size 4.5 inch wide rims.


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